Welcome to the 2012 Mt. Lebanon Digital Anthology!

We had a wonderful two weeks together, and the work produced by our young writers is a true composite of the emotional, humorous, satirical, and joyful. It was a privilege for all of us to lead and be part of such incredible writing experiences; each and every writer, in his or her own way, taught us something about the beauty of the written word when it comes from the heart, from a place of authenticity. We hope that you enjoy reading their work as much as we enjoyed their journeys of creation. Thank you to John Young, Tara Euculano, and Georgia Beckas for being such creative, inspirational teachers and for sharing their talents and work with the young writers.  They are truly the heart and soul of the Mt. Lebanon Young Writers Institute!


~Stacy Biggs, Director

Watch the video below to hear what students have to say about their experience at Young Writers!

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Young Writers is a program of the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project